Set up the device via WiFi and hosted web page

Simple user interface for initial device setup (should be running IoTaaP OS!).

Either the standalone application for PC should be available that will handle configuration via serial port (already implemented wizard), or embedded configuration page that will be hosted on ESP32 (takes a lot of memory and effort)

I think that standalone application should be used, since Serial port configuration is already implemented.

I would like to see that feature. Full configuration of the SD card using one application and certificate loading would be amazing.

It’s not fancy to use SD Card reader and manually edit and load credentials on the SD card.

I think that simple app can be created using Node.js, and SerialPort module is also available.

Although Python GUI is also an option.


That would be a great feature!

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Introducing Web Configurator

Alongside other features and improvements, we are introducing IoTaaP OS - Web Configurator. Simple web interface hosted on your device that gives you the possibility to configure all device parameters using your browser, without even using serial connection and cables.

How it works?

During operation or boot, you have to press the predefined “Config button” on the board (routed to GPIO 25), the device will enter into Access Point (AP) mode and start the configurator. In the future, every device will come with a printed SSID and Password, but in order to find your device access data, you can get the SSID and Password of your device during boot through a serial port. During Web configurator operation, onboard led will blink in a predefined pattern.


Connect to your IoTaaP SSID and head to, this will open the IoTaaP Web configurator:

Enter your parameters from the IoTaaP Console, click Confirm, and your device will automatically restart and start operating with the new configuration.

You can get the certificate here.


Thats nice feature! Love it. But is it available in production?

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An improved web configurator has been introduced in version 5.0.0