Update - 23-11-2021
The roadmap will not be updated publicly, an official website with features will be introduced instead.

Features and improvements from the roadmap will eventually reach development status. New feature requests and improvements should be discussed in a separate topic. If a specific feature or improvement is approved it will be added to this roadmap.

Q3 2021
Remove as much String(dynamic allocation) as possible
Automatic certificate management and updating

Q2 2021
Fix duplicated wifiClientSecure.setCACert()
Set up the device via WiFi and hosted web page
New IoTaaP OS tutorials
Additional test procedures

Q1 2021
Fix unix_ms (systemTime) issue caused by ARDUINOJSON_USE_LONG_LONG
Add device_id to uDeviceCloudPublishParam
Grammar and Syntax Correction

Q4 2020
Remote logs management
Configuration wizard using serial port

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