New IoTaaP Development board

Hi everybody,
We are working on a new IoTaaP Development board that will be based on the ESP32(16MB) module. I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and suggestions about onboard features and options.

You can get some more info about the @current board here: IoTaaP Magnolia • IoTaaP - IoT Platform

@petclany21, @Curtis_Ireland, @AlexsCode feel free to join the conversation!

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Hello Ivan,
Can not wait for new IoTaaP console, good luck with R&D for new version.

At the moment, here are my suggestions about we could say a word or two:

  • RTC Battery supply
  • JTAG Debugging Interface
  • USB-C

Best regards,


Love the idea about USB-C, that’s definitely a standard.

Thanks for your suggestions, they are noted, and we will sum everything up

@Stjepan_Skrnjug has some great ideas. If we’re spit balling ideas, I have two to throw into the mix

  • 1 or two NeoPixels since they are becoming really common for programming
  • JST breakout pins for connecting external devices

Can you give more detail about “JST breakout pins for connecting external devices”?

I’m thinking the I2C and/or SPI connections.

To the ideas, i am adding some GPS module with built-in antenna.

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Yes, good suggestion, some JST connectors to give the possibility to connect additional boards, such as Qwiic from Sparkfun.

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Exactly. It could allow for a lot of features and peripherals such as @Stjepan_Skrnjug GPS module suggestion