IoTaaP OS - v5.0.0 released

IoTaaP OS v5.0.0 introduces performance and usability improvements, stability updates, improved web configurator and various bug fixes. This version also

intruduces batch data publishing to ensure fast and reliable publishing of high frequency data.


  • MQTT Batch implemented

  • Support for unsecured MQTT connection (without encryption)

  • Subscribing to any topic is now supported

  • Backup before reset


  • Using WiFi events instead of basic functional approach

  • Certificate is now using dynamic allocation of the memory

  • Web configurator imrovements and new fields

  • OTA server configuration improvement

  • NTP servers are removed, IoTaaP Heartbeat is now used to sync time with server

  • MQTT client now accepts IP addres for server

  • 3rd party libraries updated

  • Task timing optimized

  • Configurator internal handling


  • WiFi password generator bug

  • Starting web server dinamically

  • Static allocation is replaced by dynamic

  • Fixed rebooting issue with local configurator

  • High memory usage is now optimized

  • Queue is fixed and replaced by native solution

  • Timestamp was reseting after restart

  • Linked list