I2C and Wifi

So I’ve got an issue with a ESP32 board. It crashes when it reads the Temperature from a SHT31 board while connected to WIFI. I’m using the default pins for I2C (21&22). I’ve tried two separate boards and sensors . Has anyone had these issues before?

This does work
-Connected to WIFI and send WIFI signal data to InfluxDb
-Connected to WIFI and send data from DHT22 to InfluxDb
-Not Connected to WIFI and read Temperate from SHT31

Hello Alan,

Could you attempt to replicate this whilst connecting a serial terminal and being in debug mode.
(Type “debug_on”) As seen in the docs here. Then posting the Log messages.
Alternatively unplug an SD card and copy and paste the latest logs before the crash.

I will make it easier for us to debug this knowing the error code produced when the board crashes.



Unfortunately it doesn’t show any data